Image so I have had a bit of a break : re-read so far , and would like to add some bits I’ve missed 

The Dr’s never worked out why I had the Strokes, said it wasn’t lifestyle

I asked the OT if I was going to have another Stroke (2012), she said yes, probably

Speech Therapy is very hard, I did not like it, think it can be better with more pronunciation

I remember demanding my discharge, and the Dr saying ”you’ll be back, or die”, why was it so hard to leave?

I remember my wife being allowed to take me downstairs at ICU , and me having a milk coffee, spilling most on me, and a smoke

My Phsyo advising me because of my brainstem damage, I would never walk again

Waking up in ICU,  being pinched by the nurse, woke me up tho!

The nurse putting my bed next to a window

Me pulling the tubes out at ICU, and the nurses going mad at me

At Rehab and the bareness of it all

Everyone sad, serious, and then others with false joy

My wife used to bring in blended food (I couldn’t eat normal), spag bog blended was my favorite.

The look on the nurses face watching my ”Carer” letting me hold her! (they didn’t know she was my wife)

more to come  …………

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