does it really matter

time does strange things, looking around I see everyone concerned, researching a bit I find a few NDE experiences similar, I have come to the opinion of ‘does it really matter’. A tree to a mountain, a plant to a tree, life is short, I’m not saying this negatively,or depression-wise, I’m just saying this 🙂 I have learnt that pain has a beginning and a end, you just have to wait; same in that everything round us has a start and a finish, experience. I think we progress from self-pleasure, the pleasure of accomplishing, pride, we need to ‘build’, but in a 100, 1000 years what will it matter? It matters to us! To our consciousness, Maybe if we just sat back and thought about everything, what and why. I don’t know. Not meant to be deep;)  I do believe we are here for a ordained amount of time, if we pass early we wait (maybe in a spirit form) till the accepted time.  So, why try then ? because it is our nature to build, unfortunately we have progressed to destroy. Anyway, I’m digressing, everyone I have discussed with feels this is correct. There is a beginning, and a end,  and it won’t matter much in the end. This is only a experience. Image

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