And yep, it was another post mini-stroke. I had wondered when I was going to have it, was told within the first 2 years but that has passed. I don’t feel to bad, tired a lot now again, back to my frame as well. Had just bought one of those 4 pronged walking aids too L.  Ah well new eventually it had to occur, at least it was very minor, not much medically can be done, just brain scans to confirm and what is damaged now.  Doctor is annoyed with our attitude but he’s looking from a different angle.  I don’t want to know, not interested.  We have discussed this and more, Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be )

On another note managed to do a bit on the back-backyard garden. Found our ‘one and only’ water-melon had been resourced! Hope they really enjoyed it, it wasn’t ready yet. We are picking ‘home-grown’ corn and butternut punkin.. Dinner tonight

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  1. Marci

    I can totally relate to this. I had three major strokes in 2011 back to back, in 2012 had another major stroke, felt like I was living waiting for the other shoe to fall. Thankfully, I just kept going, had a TIA four weeks ago, nothing can be done, so we just go on. Doctors don’t understand us, and the attitude we display. What else are we to do? The alternative is not looking so good. Keep you chin up. Thank you for sharing.


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