Very weird night, had to go to bed early, woke up at 2am, quite hot with a good headache, very thirsty, drank 1/2 bottle of water!and sore all over.Then went back to bed, had a weird ‘experience, dream. I was being shown 2 options, 1 being a really fascinating one of answers, the universe and heaps of stuff I can’t remember now, very comforting and felt really good; and 2 being the present situation with past and future events with the good and bad times to. All a bit hazy now, tried my best to remember it all for the Blog. Was given the choice of which one I wanted but I couldn’t be with my lady, my wife, so off course  took the no:2 now option. Was very similar to the experience feeling of when I was in the Coma. Why me? What does all this mean?

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