back again

been off for a while, am now doing Gym 2 days a week, Pool just once a week. Gets me to fatigued if I over-train.  Finally worked it out 🙂 and no BJJ now for a couple of weeks, Leigh is training fighters. It’s been good tho, made me cut back. Tend to throw myself into training to much and then wonder why I’m getting tired and sore. Had to get a Doctors Clearance to go to the Gym, almost didn’t give it! Gave me the old speech of being aware of my limitations and abilities, NO acknowledging of trying to get forward, just negatives.Annoyed me how nobody wants you to do anything that may be ‘risk’. I could also be involved in a car accident! Statistically more of a chance. Do not try to control me! if things happen, then things happen. Everyone knows best !, or thinks they do,. Anyway, I have improved my weight level’s, went up a 5 kilo increase, working on the machines, also the Smith Machine for squats, only able to handle the bar for now, left leg still cramps up. But am doing ‘full’ squats! Will do the Gym for 3-4mth’s, then planning on focusing on walking a fair bit. Leg weights and  walking laps around the yard stuff. Increasing my strength and endurance by using the Gym now. Hoping/ WILL be able to get around with just my walking stick (balance) by end of the year, that’s the plan anyway.


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