Pissed off! Stroke Forum – bloke who admits smoking and all the ‘helpful’ anti-smokers. Why can’t others just stop trying to push their life’s and believes on others. especiality after the guy has had a couple of strokes. Yes!, I still smoke, and I enjoy it, so what! and my strokes were not related. I have always had these caring folk advising me on my life, (funny, never saw them post-stroke), We managed fine before, and have managed fine now. Yes, we could have extra money if we stopped, we could also be in a car accident!!  What is the fear anyway, may die a terrible death? If you find this fearful – don’t smoke. I believe in choice and trying to be non-judgmental, I try anyway. Some of my non-smoke non-judgmental friends are quite good, and really don’t like all this anti-smoker stuff. I just wish people would just keep their comments to themselves, others will grow regardless. end of rant

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