Fear or Challenge

is it fear or a new challenge ? Everything has it’s risks, now I can sometimes ‘totter’ very slowly, taking inch steps I have to be wary of balance issues. Takes a ‘bit’ longer too!. But if I don’t what will happen, NOTHING . . . .  Yet fear is always close

The fear of falling, it’s not so much a fear, I can land pretty good now !:)  more of knowing that you are failing something, and not wanting that. Also weird worrying that if done a couple of times it may become a habit. 

fear of progress I get worried if this is it, or will I progress more. Over the 2 years I have made quite good progress, from bed-bound, wheelchair, gutter frame, walker frame, to now, a 4 wheel frame, and occasional walking stick.

fear of failure, will I succeed or is it just a waste of hard work and time.  Is this it ? I’ve already ‘sort of’ accepted I will be disabled, but I won;t hang around for years waiting . . . . .

fear of duty I have tried to do everything I can think of to prepare my family. It’s difficult when you were the one, and now trying to organise for the future.

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