Looking Back

looking back and I am constantly amazed at what my family and I have accomplished over the 2 years. Straight from Talbot Rehab. and crawling on all 4’s to activate signals, waiting till my wife ducked out to do some shopping, then onto the wheelchair, to the garage where we had a home gym set up. Grueling 3 mins on the treadmill, hanging on the bars for dear life at speed 1! 3 mins was my target back then.  My son pushing me with the dumbbells on the bench, a massive couple kilo’s. It was hard, hard but fun. Me getting bored inside so out the backdoor I rolled, no one could believe it . Hit the edge at speed then over we would go . Training Awakening the Body exercises on the Judo mats, my physio didn’t believe I could do it. And the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on the mats. Slow and sometimes a bit eradicate (ataxia), but fun and drive. Family trying to ‘walk’ me round the yard. My 1st attempt on the Rower! Finally shopping and the people watching us, we ended up putting the trolley in front of the walker!

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