I used to believe ‘pain is just a emotion, you get used to it’

Well everything has changed now, pain may be a emotion But you don’t get used to it. Recognize it, yes, acknowledge it, yes, used to it, no. I have central post-stroke pain syndrome (CPSP) down my Right side, worst in my leg. My calf doesn’t like being touched, feels very painful. and the news is it can get worst over time, great! I did get prescribed drugs but I don’t like any form of drug, I have tried all different forms of alternative, seem to relieve it for a short while.  I also have a constant pain at the back of my head, tender and feels like bruising, it been 2yrs since the operation so I would rule that out. Post surgery memory pain I’ve been advised. Ahh well, seems I can’t do much about it.

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